A-Z of my browsing history

When you start typing in the address bar, Chrome suggests a link to visit, based on frecency. What do my recommendations look like?

  • A is for airtel.in/smartbyte-s/page.html – the page where you can check your bandwidth usage. I used to check it infrequently until I upgraded to a 125GB connection. Now I check it every few days and feel miserable that I’ve nowhere near used up my quota. This has coerced me to watch many Telugu movies, of which I don’t understand a word.
  • B is for blog.gramener.com – I blog there on data stories. The last month or so has been fairly active thanks to the elections.
  • C is for calendar.google.com – which has become primarily a shared calendar. It was always indispensible to manage my time. Now it helps my colleagues pick when to call me. Right now, my calendar has events booked about two months in advance.
  • D is for docs.google.com – for effectively one single purpose: shared spreadsheets. This is such a common and powerful use case, and I’m surprised it hasn’t become much easier to use.
  • E is for epaper.timesofindia.com – some of our content has been published by The Economic Times, and I keep doing ego-searches in the print edition. But close behind is eci.nic.in which I’ve been scraping a lot, and election-results.ibnlive.in.com which we created for CNN-IBN.
  • F is for flipkart.com – not facebook.com. I’m not often on Facebook.
  • G is for gramener.com. Naturally. (It’s not surprising that it’s not google.com: I search directly from the address bar.)
  • H is for handsontable.com – a library that I’ve been using a lot recently, followed by html5please.com that tells me which HTML5 features are ready for use.
  • I is for ibn.gramener.com – another property we created, but it only just beats irctc.co.in.
  • J is for join.me – a clean way to share your screen without the audience having to install anything (though you the sharer do have to install the software.)
  • K is for kraken.io – an amazingly efficient image compressor. As you might have guessed, I lead a strange life.
  • L is for learn.gramener.com – our Intranet. Sorry, you can’t access this one.
  • M is for mail.google.com. I’ll probably be moving away from gmail as a backend this weekend to Mail-in-a-box, though. Google’s pulling the plug on Google Reader has shaken my faith.
  • N is for news.ycombinator.com. When I’m bored and want to watch something while I have dinner, I don’t open YouTube. I open Hacker News.
  • O is for odc.datameet.org – the Open Data Camp. I’m quite into open data.
  • P is for pay.airtel.com, but if you ignore the number of bills I pay, it would be pandas.pydata.org, the home page of a remarkable data processing library.
  • Q is for quirksmode.org, PPK’s remarkable browser-compatibility guide
  • R is for reader.s-anand.net, my self-hosted RSS reader. It used to be reader.google.com, but Google let me down there.
  • S is for s-anand.net – this blog.
  • T is for twitter.com. Unlike Facebook, I don’t dislike Twitter so much.
  • U is for underscorejs.org. Clearly I need to get a life.
  • V is for visualizing.org. They have a number of interesting data visualisations.
  • W is for webpagetest.org – it helps measure the speed of web pages.
  • X is for xem.github.io. I’ve probably visited this page once, but it’s the only one in my recent history that starts with X
  • Y is for youtube.com. I lied. I spend an order of magnitude more time watching Telugu movies on YouTube than on Hacker News.
  • Z is for zoemob.com. Again, a page I visited only once, but there’s nothing else in Z at the moment.
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