Wishlist for movies

I watch a lot of movies. Over the last year, I’ve watched over 250 movies (and read 50 books, but that’s another story). Other than making time to watch movies, my biggest problem is figuring out what to watch next.

The IMDb top 250 is a good guideline, and I’m running my way down the list. Twofifty.org has been useful to track what I’ve seen as well. But I have interests outside of the IMDb Top 250, and I need a way of tracking these.

I started a “to watch” Excel sheet. But there were three problems:

  1. I would forget what the movie was about
  2. I wouldn’t know what to watch next
  3. I’d have to manually delete movies I’d seen

So I wrote a program to do this automatically and create a Movie Wishlist. I just write the names of movies I want to see, and the program finds these movies on IMDb, gets their ratings and links them. It also goes through my “seen” movies and strikes out stuff I’ve seen.

So I can just click on the movie to see what it’s about. I can sort by rating or votes to decide what to see next. And I don’t have to manually strike out anything.

Take a look.

  1. Raja says:

    This is cool stuff…Hats Off