The virtues of a second screen

The virtues of a second screen.

So now, while I am editing this article on my main screen, the screen beside it shows the outline or earlier draft I am working from — and, sometimes, Web sites or other documents I keep referring to.

When I edit photos, the second screen lets me compare the copy I am working on with the original, or shows tool palettes and thumbnails of other images, and I can blow up panoramic shots for closer viewing (though with a bar down the middle, like the central pillar of an old car’s windshield).

When I am shopping on the Web, my two screens let me compare products.

When I work on tables or spreadsheets, I can see all the columns at once. When I expect important messages, I keep my e-mail program open on the side monitor while I work on something else.

  1. Umasuthan says:

    With so much dependency on IT in our day-to-day work, as the author points out even 2 screens wouldn’t be sufficient. True. ‘Ease of use’ has become a major issue in IT systems. That reminds me. Did u check the ‘Reveal’ and ‘Firefox Showcase’ plug-ins for Firefox?

  2. Saurabh says:

    Does anyone use Maxthon also?

  3. S Anand says:

    First time I’d heard of it, actually.

  4. ravi says:

    anand the links ask for registration??!!

  5. S Anand says:

    Yeah, but it’s a free registration. might be able to provide you with a username and password.