Tamil song lyrics quiz 2000s

Here are words from the middle of 10 songs from the 2000s. Can you guess which movie they are from? (Films are NOT repeated)

Don’t worry about the spelling. Just spell it like it sounds, and the box will turn green.

If the Tamil lyrics are not OK, turn on tamil scripts.

Search for the song and listen online, if you want to confirm your guess.

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kaadhal oNNum kadavuL illaiyadaa indha

ezhavu ellaam haarmOnS saiyyum kalangam dhaanadaa

azhagu enbadhu aaN paalaa peN paalaa

enbadhil enakku sandhEgam theerndhadhu

azhagu enbadhu nichchaiyam peN paaladaa

kaatrum kooda engaLudan iravinil thoonga idam kEtkum

mazhaiththuLi kooda en thaayin madiyinil thavazha dhinam yEngum

oru piLLaik karuvil koNdu oru piLLaik kaiyyil koNdu

uRavaadum yOgam oru thaaykkinRu

nizhalgaLin uLLE uLLa nijangaLaith thEdinEn

neeyaay adhaich cholvaay ena niththamum naan vaadinEn

peNgaLai nimirndhum paarththidaa un iniya gaNNiyam pidikkudhE

kaNgaLai nEraay paarththudhaan nee pEsum thOraNai pidikkudhE

kaadhal mattum purivadhillai kaatraa neruppaa therivadhillai

kaadhal thandha moochchai nilai naan kaNgaL thiRandhum therivadhillai

chinna chinna thottil katti ammaa sollum aariraarO isai dhaanE isai dhaanE

aaNum peNNum kattil katti aasai mettu kattuRadhum isai dhaanE isai dhaanE

kEtkaadha osaigaL idhazh thaandaadha vaarththaigaL

imai aadaadha paarvaigaL ivai naan konda maatrangaL

engEyum pogaamal dhinam veettilEyE nee vEndum

sila samaiyam viLaiyaattaay un aadaikkuLLE naan vEndum

  1. Sundaram says:

    i need Jalsa panungada song Lyrics in Tamil From the movie Chennai 600028. Thank you.

  2. sahi says:

    Adi vangadha paaraigal sirpangal aagadhu tholviku anjadhu munerada- can someone tell in which song this lyrics is?

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    Its very nice…. could not guess the 5th one alone…

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  13. JamunaRani says:

    Hi, Adi Vaangath Paaraigal Sirpangal Aagathu is from the movie Azhagiya theeye song (Ullalae Ullalae song sung by devan (first song)

  14. praveen says:

    very interesting, helps us improve our thinking skills

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  19. saranya says:

    can u give me the answers ANAND pls

  20. S Anand says:

    I’ve e-mailed them.

  21. S Anand says:

    Looks like the mail bounced. You can mail me at root dot node at gmail dot com, and I’ll reply with the answers. I don’t plan to post the answers on my site 🙂

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  25. S Anand says:

    5th: More lyrics.
    idhu nanavaay thonRum kanavu idhu kaalaiyil thonRum nilavu
    idhu kaNNai kaNNai pariththu veLichcham tharum iravu

  26. Swapnaa says:

    Its crazy how my brain gets fixed on one song once I get it, and plugs in all the other lyrics into that same tune! If many people managed to solve this, it looks like I’ve got some serious cross-modal attentional issues!

  27. dheepthi says:

    wats da 5th 1

  28. S Anand says:

    Hi Swapnaa, a few have managed 10/10, most settle at 9/10 or 8/10

  29. S Anand says:

    Dheepthi, here’s another hint for the 5th: the movie was produced by Prakash Raj

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    Its cool i found all except this – kEtkaadha osaigaL idhazh thaandaadha vaarththaigaL

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