Having spent several hours at office, Amitabh and I walked down to the Regal Cinema Hall to watch “The Emperor’s New Groove”. Given that it was a saturday afternoon, and a Disney movie, we were expecting only to see a family crowd, and weren’t disappointed. Tickets, as always in Mumbai, were a bit more expensive than we were used to. Rs. 60 and Rs. 80. We took the Rs. 60, and discovered that there was no difference between the two. Well, there was, but not much.

Regal is pretty spacious, with comfortable (and new) red chairs. And as Amitabh always checks out the quality of a place by the men’s room, I accompanied him to hear his verdict first hand. “This is not bad, for a cinema hall,” he declared. Regal is hence eminently visitable.

The movie is hilarious. Just 75 minutes of pure fun, completely devoid of any moral lessons or take-aways, and a first person narration. It’s about this punk emperor (aged 18) who lays off his minister (or ministress?), who poisons him, and he becomes a llama, and the guy whose house he wanted to destroy to build a summer palace saves him, and they live happily ever after. No, I haven’t spoilt any of the suspense for you, and its still worth a watch.