My first Oxford Street suit

After a group meeting, we went to ‘The Biz’, a restaurant inside LBS. They served some kind of rice with curry containing lots of vegetables. I ate rather well and found it quite edible, until I heard the price. 3.50 pounds, or about Rs. 233. Roughly what my sandwich cost in Tokyo. Very nice.

I needed a suit for the Boston Consulting Group presentation tomorrow, so the afternoon was largely a shopping exercise. I took the tube to the Bond Street station, and walked along Oxford Street. It’s something like the Brigade Road of Bangalore, I guess. The first shop I walked into had been strongly recommended by my cousing (Vishnu) — Ciro Citterio. Luckily they had BIG banners outside saying “Sale!”, and had 99 pounds written boldly, so I had the guts to walk in. (Of course, I didn’t convert. I don’t fancy buying suits for Rs. 6,650).

A salesman walked up and said, “Hey, my man! Can I get you a suit?”

“Uh, yes please. Actually, this is the first time I’m really shopping for a suit, and I’m a complete social moron, so why don’t you help me?”

He walks me up to some hep-looking suits and says, “You should be about 38, my man. So how about these?”

“Wonderful. Excellent. Are they 99 pounds?”

Stops on his tracks. Turns around. Says, “Oh!” and walks me down to another section. Points at a whole rack of suits, says “They’re all 99 pounds.”

“Why are they on sale?”

I must admire his sense of self-control. He probably mentally awarded me the ‘Naive Question of the Year’ award, and said, “Because, my man, no one bought them for a long time, and we’re clearing them out.” Suits me fine. So I try out a couple of suits, decide to try other shops, and then come back.

The next visit was to Marks & Spencer’s on Oxford Street. Nice place, but I don’t know what the fuss is all about. Looks pretty much like Stopper’s Shop to me, and considering that this is London, probably a whole lot cheaper. There were quite a few suits for 99 pounds too, but Ciro Citterio was offering a shirt and tie for free (upto 30 pounds) along with it.

From there, took the Underground to Notting Hill gate (yes, the same Notting Hill as the movie) and then to High Street Kensington. (If all the names sound familiar, you’ve been playing Monopoly.) There’s a shop called Amazon there which had a suit for 79 pounds. Yes, I said ‘a suit’, because they had one. But I didn’t like it. So it was the tube again, this time to Fulham Broadway. More shops, and none with what I wanted. Back to Bond Street station and Ciro Citterio. Now I’m the proud owner of an Oxford Street suit.

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