Happiness generator

In my current thrust towards greater management responsibilities, I have discovered a mechanism for generating happiness.

I set up meetings on important topics. That makes me happy — I’m driving something useful.

Often, the meeting gets cancelled. That makes me happy — I’ve more free time.

It’s the perfect perpetual motion machine.

  1. vikram says:

    i am a non tamil .i have a piece of music and i want to know which song is it exactly.This was briefly played in the movie madras cafe starring john abraham.can u just help me wih that song .
    Kindly ping me to my mail i ll share that piece with you

  2. Vasant says:

    Ha ha! Love it.

  3. udayamoorthy v says:

    That’s Great Idea. Kind of Win Win Situation.

    Happy to see you in the blog after a long time. I used to view your older posts regularly . All are great.