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    1. Pradyot says:

      I came across your site by trying a google on IIMA + Aditya Birla. Ur profile is well…mindblowing!! I do hope that I cam emulate you someday, hopefully in the next 2 years or so, coz I intend to write the CAT this year. I am basically from blr, now in m

    2. Prakash Ayer says:

      Visit ur webpage atleast once in 2 days. I like the way u put the things in perspective.

    3. prakash s says:

      could you put up a RSS feed, thanks

    4. pranab says:

      Anand, I was kind of bugged doing the odd excel and word that’s the staple of ibankers. Thought I could take a stroll in the wonderland that u have built. I was accessing for the first time after leaving IIMB. The colour combination looks much more profe

    5. Praveen says:

      hi anand,
      there was lots of reports in ur website earlier….why hav u removed them.?? it was quite usefull.

    6. Prem says:

      Well a Great Site
      Well now Iam drawing inspiration from U ..believe it or not.

    7. Priya says:

      You were a cocky guy in school and you havent really improved. You are so full of yourself that your head must be having a hard time dealing with your ego. You are smart and all that , also have to admit that your site is fine..but you cud improvise it by

    8. raj- ur well wisher says:

      hey why dont u just load some of ur latest picz

    9. RajeshK, VA says:

      Have you had the HumanClock mentioned on your blog b4?…if not here it is….

    10. rajnish kanojia says:

      hye s anand ,i am greatly impressed by you.Really man, if possible ,some times i would like to meet u

    11. raju says:

      urs is innovative,i found ur site on sufing the other pages…it makes me to readeveryday.good progress…ALB

    12. Ramna/ Krishna says:

      Hey Anand, I saw the engagement snaps today. Good work. I am yet to do the same for my engagement snaps. So how is engaged life getting along. Its been ages since i mailed you or for that matter you mailed me. Hope all is fine. Keep in touch.

    13. ritzkini says:

      A very interesting site for a very interesting person,I must say…Really loved the chat transcripts that u have put up(A/s/l and kaboom !!)Keep up the good work !!

    14. Rojan says:

      Belated birthday wishes. Googled to your page today. Cool site, expect more hits 🙂

    15. Rupesh Tripathi says:

      Hey Anand,
      I have been a regular with your blog. (About 4 visits a week). Got to know about it from Joe.
      Was wondering if alls well?? I mean this must be the longest break thAt Ive seen in your blogging. Wish to see it rolling again soon.

    16. sathish says:

      Hi Anand,
      There must be some mistake regarding no-site linking to your page..

      Infact, I do. Yours is the first link in my page at

    17. Saurabh says:

      Hi Anand , have been a regular visitor of u’r site now from the past 5-6 months I guess. A pretty exhaustive and comperhensive website I must say ! I always find a new interesting addition whenever I come here. A very good blend of info and entertainmen

    18. Scary says:

      Amazing web-site, but don’t know how you have the time to fill up the material on a regular basis – ain’t bcg overloading you – a consultant?

    19. Shamit Bagchi says:

      Amazing Articles – IIMpressions LOL
      Too many GBook entries? Bear with me after all I am impressed.

    20. shikha says:

      terry pratchet fan?

    21. shira says:

      Anand- lovely engagement photos!Thanks for sharing with the world.

    22. sindu gopaal says:
    23. sriram says:

      The previous look was better anand

    24. sudhir says:

      hi anand! amazing web-site! the big ? you work in a consultancy (from what I’ve heard you don’t get time to sleep even!) … then how is it that you find time to update the site reguarly????

    25. Sumeer says:

      Much better colour choice!!! The black was difficult to navigate through

    26. Sumit Shantanu says:

      Hey Anand…your site is so amazing…actually, someone recommended me to take a look…

    27. Suneel Regulla says:

      Every morning I log on to yahoo first and then to…what more can I say…

    28. Sunil Dias says:

      Hey!! Whats up? No postings for quite some time.

    29. Vandana says:

      Well I thought that forwards conveyed feelings beter than those written by amateurs

    30. Venkatachalam Ramakrishnan says:

      Seems it is a long time since you have updated the site? Any specific reasons?

    31. Well Wisher says:

      Fabulous documention done with much frankness .Keep up the Quality Work !!!

    32. says:

      Anand, I like your star burst filter experiment.

    33. yashodhara says:

      this is an amazing site, by the way..

    34. Sumeet says:

      Interesting site.
      One observation…the fiction and non fiction books have ‘Watch once’ or ‘watch many times’ text alongside the book name.


    35. bindurajesh says:

      Hi Anand, i am a keralite now living in Oman with my family.i am a usual visitor for ur web site. but today only i reach at home page and can see u. i am too happy to see u and i cant believe that how u can make this website this much useful. thank u very much for giving such a useful website.actually now i am becoming a fan of urs.
      wishing u all the success in ur life.