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    1. Ajay Shankar says:

      Very nice. Anyone who likes Calvin n Hobbes is ok with me. When that person is another Vidya Mandir alumnus, its even better. I also assume that IIT, IIM and LBS is up here not because you like these institutions.
      Very nice blog.

    2. Alagappan says:

      Hi Anand
      I came to know your site through your friend Harish. I like visiting your site and use to see lot of information
      My email

    3. Alien says:

      Hi Anand, Very intresting site, accidently bumped into this. Cool chat transcripts & ur stories. Gr8 going man..

    4. amit says:

      cool site urs is..

    5. Amit 'Netahoy' Agarwal says:

      great man! I’m stuck here

    6. Amit 'Netahoy' Agarwal says:

      saw the h2g2 link wow its a treasure… thxs for the link netahoyatnetahoydotorg

    7. an adorer says:

      are bcg guys only writing comments thesedays ?????!!!

    8. andersja says:

      Consulting vs blogging vs social/family life is indeed a function with variable outcome. I hope its not all work and no lift — Enjoy some time off (I try to too 😉 and see you back in the blog-o-sphere later 🙂

    9. anish says:

      Add some color to your site anand, it looks bland.

    10. Ashish says:

      great !! Keep updating it regularly ..

    11. Ashish Agarwal "Panth" says:

      Hey Bhalla,
      I am not sure if you would remember me. I am Panth, a fellow wingie in B2 & a year junior to you. Came across this site by accident but loved it. Am going to visit again

    12. ashok heliya says:

      i got to know about ur site from a has been wonderfully done, and i m planning to replicats the same form with ur permission . take care, bye.

    13. babu says:

      hi anand
      its a wonderful site and very happy to see old family photographs.

    14. Bhasker rao.A says:

      HI Anand,
      I am Suderhan Krishnasway (IBM) friend. I am frequent visitor of your Web Site
      When ever I fee bored first thing come in my mind to visit your site.
      It is really good.


    15. Danish says:

      Great work Anand (thats an understatement)..keep it up!!!!

    16. Danny says:

      Hey Buddy,

      Good Europe snaps!Well I decided to go to Mauritius and Singapore. Will call you soon. Hope you are enjoying married life!!

    17. devi says:

      hey anand, am a very regular visitor around here. long time since u had a new entry. are u ok/ or just plain busy??

    18. Dhooma Kedhu says:

      Good Site except for the irritating pop-ups and the bottom ad .

    19. dikshit says:

      hey u havent updated the site for a long time now. pretty busy these days??

    20. DM says:

      The terror signature of the antichrist has been revealed, the God who destroys with paradox and duality…SEE DOUBLE? DM

    21. says:

      I found your site very informative.I would like to introduce myself.but generally people dont reply.and dont like to continue talking, will you pl continue talking to outcome of discussion would be seeing God( philosophy)face

    22. Friend says:

      Hey, Here is a neat website for you to try:

    23. Garima says:

      this is a great idea! I have travelled a fair bit myself and this is the besy way i can think of to maintain a log of your activities and share your experiences. Will try it myself some day! but i wouldnt include pictures!

    24. Gaurav says:

      Fundu site, Anand…it has inspired me to touch my site after almost six months

    25. GURU says:


    26. harish says:

      hi anand.. great… but try to get rid of the ads and the namezero panel. otherwise its great work… as expected from you!!!

    27. harish_an says:

      mate, thats a cool site. hope you dont mind me taking a few ideas from the layout for my upcoming site

    28. joe says:

      hi there – it is lovely – my third visited site – after my two yahoo accounts 🙂 keep up the good work. although u might want to give a site map.

    29. John Thomas says:

      The site is really impressive. Thanks for making it

      John Thomas

    30. says:

      Hi Anand,
      Landed up on you website by clicking on a link featured on my friend Kribs’s blog (

      I’m at a loss of words to appreciate the good work that you have done. The links are more than a treasure.

      This site has now found

    31. kakul says:

      good to have you back Stud

    32. kakul ( iimb:00-02) says:

      hey stud you are back.. hope you had a great vacation….

    33. Kakul Sinha says:

      This site is sexy!! I look forward to reading it every week. I do miss talking to you.
      Kakul Sinha (PGP -02 batch)

    34. Kalidas says:

      Who is Karishma?

    35. Kamesh says:

      My old memories with you in school and scouts are flashing in my eyes.
      This site is as nice as you.

    36. kashmira_for_u says:

      Nice photos! But the brown colour scheme looks more like white!

    37. kkwu says:

      techno-renaissance man, this S Anand

    38. Krishna says:

      Nice site. Lot of info. Thanks!

    39. kulvir singh says:

      hi… you helped me in ACS …with the final project….. i just wanted to thank you again

    40. Mahesh Shantaram says:

      Dear Mr. S. Anand,

      It has been noted with due concern that your weblog is far behind schedule. Please take appropriate measures to bring it up to date at once.

      Senior Inspector Shantaram,
      Blog Police

    41. Mahesh Shantaram ( says:

      Hi Anand! Rather than “new blog format”, I would like to refer to it as the “classical blog format”. The reason is that while Epiphany became a space for long, contemplative well-thought out posts, the need for a space where I can write short, quick quips

    42. Mahesh Shantaram ( says:

      Hmm… I find your blog to be made up in an interesting fashion, quite different from the ordinary. I like the single line entries and the selection of photo in the ‘contact’ box. And now to explore deeper…

      (BTW, I found this link through Daypop)

    43. Maltesh says:

      Hello, its been nearly 2 weeks since you updated? Hope to see more interesting links soon 🙂

    44. Manav says:

      I hope you continue the site. Its one of my most regular visits

    45. Nachappa says:

      Looks like the ET error is not limited to just ET. TOI also has the same error and it happened atleast a couple of times today

    46. Nandakumar says:

      Just Nice. You will be one among the people I admire.

    47. naresh says:

      Do we have to say ANYTHING about the site…..?

    48. neuropro says:

      Please visit our site if you are interested in related science news and some background info. Cats are our exceptional favorites 🙂
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    49. Nicholas says:

      Quite a comprhensive site! Keep it up!

    50. Pradeep says:

      you update the page everyday _yourself_? or is it automated?