Excel – Avoid manual labour 5

A few tips, without getting into the details. Array formulas let you perform any calculation on an entire list, and get the result in a single formula. Database functions like DSUM can manipulate tables of data very flexibly. Using these and Pivot tables, you can do anything with any tabular data.

  1. Ananth says:

    I needed your feedback on http://www.doondo.org. Give it a spin let me know. I wanted to avoid positng here but never got any replies for the mails sent at root_node at yahoo.com

  2. Ananth says:

    http://www.doondo.org is a hobby project I’ve been working on. The beta is just out.

  3. Ananth says:

    Looking forward for your views and feedback

  4. ritzkini says:

    great concept ananth..shld be a hit considering the great response to a similar funda used in IIM-I’s Klueless

  5. S Anand says:

    I liked the concept and interface, Ananth. Will mail you in detail. Quick question… how do I find out what the right keywords are?

  6. ritzkini says:

    hehehe…hey anand,saw the visitor stats thing for the first time today ! awesomely cool ,kudos! u did it yourself ??

  7. Dhar says:

    Ananth, does your game support advanced Google operators?

  8. Ananth says:

    Thanks for feedback folks. doondo needs additional features, like game summary with right keywords. Right now only basic operators are supported. Even such a simple concept requires complex coding skills! I would love if you can post the suggestion at doondo@googlegroups.com. Great if you can join the group. Anand wouldn’t like spamming his comments section with doondo.

  9. S Anand says:

    Yeah ritzkini, spent a week coding the visitor stats. What else do you think would be useful to see?

  10. ritzkini says:

    🙂 i dont think it could have been any more comprehensive than it already is ! 🙂

  11. harish says:

    great work mate…