Dosa Diner

Sumit & I had dinner at Dosa Diner. I was fairly absorbed in a discussion relating entropy, evolution and free will, hence did not pay much attention to the place or the menu. But what remains fresh in my mind is the long green tunnel you walk through to get to the place. It used to be a discotheque earlier, and the tunnel had been painted black completely. At least its brighter now, but green is almost as discotheque as black if you ask me. But then, at least I don’t wear black nailpolish (as opposed to green 😉

The place was spacious and well lit. Considering that they served only south Indian, the variety was surprisingly good. We tried idiappam, a rava dosa with ‘mushroom masala’, and sheera. Tasted quite good, and came out to around Rs. 300.