Introduction to chatting

Full credit to Joseph for introducing me to chatting. I decided to conduct a series of experiments in chat rooms, and document the results. After that, I pretty much got hooked. Here’s a log of some of my more interesting conversations, where

I talk to a business consultant at London

A chat with Business Consulting on as anand_m26blr. Right through this conversation, Business Consulting keeps pumping in news about the world to everyone.
anand_m26blr: Hi! How come you call yourself Business Consulting?
business_consulting: Why no***** just another name
anand_m26blr: Fair enough. ASL?
business_consulting: Male here. You?
anand_m26blr: M, 26, Bangalore. Still want to chat? 🙂
business_consulting: Sure, what do udo inBangalore?
anand_m26blr: I’m studying at IIM-B. And you?
business_consulting: IIM-B? which year?
anand_m26blr: Second. What about you?
business_consulting: Hey do you have any news from IIM-A? like how’s the scene at the campus and are they ok?
anand_m26blr: Sure. One of our profs gets regular updates on IIM-A. Only one person is hurt, and no one badly. One dorm (D, I think) is pretty much wiped out. Otherwise, things are fine. Want me to mail you the updates?
business_consulting: 2nd year..Finance-Marketing or Systems?
anand_m26blr: None. I just picked the courses that looked good. Come on, you’re asking all the questions. What about you?
business_consulting: Sure mail me
anand_m26blr: What’s your e-mail ID?
business_consulting: Basically in to systems-ERP. I work on Peoplesoft.
anand_m26blr: Neat! I used to work at IBM myself. Never worked on Peoplesoft products, though, but we were planning to integrate it with Lotus Notes at one point. How long have you been here?
business_consulting: ok.. u can mail me at
anand_m26blr: Mailing you…
business_consulting: Here? are u in London too?
anand_m26blr: I didn’t know you were in London. No, I’m in Bangalore right now. I was in London a month ago at LBS on an exchange programme. How come you’re in London?
business_consulting: IBM That’s
business_consulting: Wow that’s great LBS @ CanaryWarf
anand_m26blr: No this is London Business School — near Lord’s.
business_consulting: IBM that’s good. My Bangalore friend is doing his PG at IIM-A. After hearing aboutthe earthquake Imailed him and so far no news from him.
business_consulting: So are you specializing in finance?
anand_m26blr: Nope. I’m interested in technology still. So looking at any IT consulting firms that are coming along. Where did you study?
business_consulting: I did all my education inBangalore. Are u from Bangalorean as well?
business_consulting: Sorry, from Banglaore not Banglorean!!
anand_m26blr: I’m from Madras, basically. Studied there right through. You might know some of my classmates, though. When did you finish your undergrad? Was it from BMS?
business_consulting: It was way back in 95 mate. Long time 6 years now.. Just thinking of CFA as well..
anand_m26blr: Not all that way back. I passed out in 1996 myself. Where from?
business_consulting: So youwere @IBM Bangalore or somewhere else? IIM-Btied up with SAP long ago I think
anand_m26blr: I was at Bangalore most of the time. Yeah, IBM tied up with SAP, but I was with the Lotus Notes division, and we were integrating will all the products around.
business_consulting: You can do that since its doing pretty well in the US right now. And later onu can shift to CRM too
anand_m26blr: That’s probably the plan right now. So you’ve been working for Peoplesoft at London all along, is it?
business_consulting: Have you done the LN certification ?
anand_m26blr: Yeah, I’m a certified Notes instructor.
business_consulting: Currently , are u working @ IBM or studying PG @ IIMB??
anand_m26blr: Studying. I left IBM in June 99.
business_consulting: Thanks mate, Igot your mail just going through it
anand_m26blr: No problem. Do you chat here often?
business_consulting: I do come here quite often, But Iw ill be inBangalore onthe 10th. Moreover I will be at the campus to meet my friend. Your senior though
anand_m26blr: Oh… whom are you coming to meet? Fair chance I might know him.
business_consulting: Am coming on a 3 weeks holiday. We can meet at the campus too
anand_m26blr: That would be nice. My name’s Anand. What’s yours? As in, I get the HSChandra, but what does it stand for?
business_consulting: Yeah U will definitely know him- he is Narendra Bansod- 99 batch
anand_m26blr: Oh, then he’s two years senior to me. Haven’t met him. Anyway, it’ll be good to meet you.
business_consulting: I think he still comes to the campus ontheweekends. So am planning to come there on a weekend. Do you stay in the campus or at home outside?
anand_m26blr: I stay on campus. Room C-42. Feel free to drop over. BTW, didn’t get your name…
business_consulting: am Chandra Hassan. What’s dorm?
anand_m26blr: No dorms. The block is C, and room number 42. That’s it.
business_consulting: Chandra Hassan. Chandra for short.
anand_m26blr: OK Chandra, great chatting to you. Do mail me at when you’re coming over!
business_consulting: And you are Anand right
anand_m26blr: Yup, this is Anand. Let me know when you’re here. You can reply to the mail I sent you. Bye for now!
business_consulting: Sure Anand,I will meet u up at the campus.. Nice talking to u. and Good Luck
business_consulting: sure I will on the 10th Feb(Sat) @ around 11:30Am. I might come and meet the next day on Sunday
anand_m26blr: That’ll be just after exam time. Should be fine!
business_consulting: Also I will be coming and meeting my friend he said he is inroom# J308

In the middle of this conversation, two brief conversations came up. One with flowergirl23

flowergirl23: hi there
anand_m26blr: Hi. ASL? (OK, Joseph, you’ve spoilt me. I should say, “Hello flowergirl, my name’s Anand. What’s yours?)
anand_m26blr: Hi flowergirl23, you PMed me a while ago. Want to chat? My name’s Anand.

No further response from flowergirl23. rose_v came up after a while….

rose_v: hi
anand_m26blr: Hi rose_v, my name’s Anand. What’s yours?
rose_v: rose
anand_m26blr: That’s the first time I’m meeting someone with your name. Where are you from, Rose? Bangalore?
rose_v: no from mum
anand_m26blr: Sorry? What was that about ‘no from mum’? Didn’t quite understand…

No further response.