Another day at LBS

We made some vatha kozhambu at home this morning. Now, you’ll have to take my word for it, because we ourselves weren’t very convinced. But it was hot. It was thick. And though it had too much tamarind, it tasted great (or so we say). After that heavy bruch, it was time for LBS.

I think I’m the slowest typist at LBS. The speed at which the keyboards chatter around me is incredible. So fast, in fact, that I lose my nerve and tend to make mistakes or type slowly. The guy to my right, for example, is glued to the monitor and is typing about 3 characters for every keystroke of mine. So far, he hasn’t pressed backspace. Luckily, the lady to my left is using the mouse more than the keyboard!

We had the second group meeting of our ‘Dynamics of Strategy’ group yesterday. The group has 2 Indians, 2 Germans and a Mexican. The first meeting of our ‘Mergers & MBOs’ course was today, and that group has 1 Indian, 1 German and 1 Japanese. Actually, the accent is the least of the problems. It’s getting to figure out a way of working that’s the real hurdle. But the good part is, everyone’s focused, willing to take initiative, and follow guidelines. No problems so far.

BCG gave their presentation today. Extremely impressive. About 3 managers, 2 partners and 5 consultants came for the presentation. 2 of them presented, and the presentation was entirely about the life of a consultant. Not the technical life — no. It was largely insights into the social life. They explained why they came to consulting, how they felt the thrill in consulting, how they balanced their family life, had to make compromises, etc. It seemed very balanced. The best part was a video which involved BCG’s clients, family members of BCG consultants, and ex-BCG employees, but no BCG employees at all. That proved an excellent way of telling us what it’s really about. I’ll hand it to BCG for doing things in style.