This is an alternate way of browsing for books on Amazon. You can:

  1. Find books by pictures. Just type in the title, author, whatever, in the text box above.
    You will see a pictures of matching books. The pictures give a better idea of the book than just the title.
    The results are sorted by popularity. I find that sales rank is a robust measure of how good a book is.
    I also display ratings and number of reviews — these are the next best measures.
  2. Explore similar books. When you click on a book, I show related books.
    This makes it easy to browse based on interest, and to discover similar books.
  3. Read without buying.. You'll find links to the library and to eBook search engines.
    Use at your discretion. But in most cases, you should be able to borrow the book without having to buy.
  4. I'll assume you don't use Internet Explorer 6. If you do, this page may not work.